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Festival of lights [Dec. 4th, 2004|12:49 pm]
[Feeling |accomplishedaccomplished]
[music to my ears |"You are my king" by Phillips Craig and Dean]

So, last night, my Church teen Choir, which I am in, went to the festival of lights to sing, and then have fun and hang out. It went great.. we drew a crowd even.. it was cool.. and the ensemble i was in, did pretty good. First thing me, michelle, melissa, and lori did was go get hot chocolate after we were done. Lori spilled her hot chocolate after she got it lol.. not all of it, but still. Then, I blew into the hot chocolate with a straw, and some definitely came out!! lol. My poor friend Rachel, spilled her hot chocolate on herself.. but appearently she just sat there, and said "Reminds me of chemistry class" because supposedly, someone spilled hot liquid on her on chemistry. haha. Liz, and Erin, and David, kept making me and lori run.. boo. lol.. it was fun though.. one time though right after we had prayed for something, melissa and michelle took off sprinting, and melissa almost knocked over a little girl!! lol.. then we were getting ready to leave, and Amanda threw powdered sugar left from a funnel cake, at someone, and got it in their mouth!! lol.. it was great.. then on the way back to the Church for the first, 15 minutes of the ride, I was seat hopping lol. Well, that's not all that happened, but it's a few highlights.. I might add more later, but right now, it's time to find something to eat, lol so ill ttyl!!