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*Weeping may remain for a night...*

*But rejoicing comes in the morning.*

16 September
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I am Lauren, from cincinnati, 11th grade, i love music, and rhps, and writing songs, and i love my friends, they rock. I love my youth group at Church.. they rock umm.. im simple.. i like things to be simple.. life is more enjoyable when ur not stressed due to it being so complicated, especially when ur stressed enough.. umm.. im 16, if ya wanna know more IM me why dont ya?
70s music, 80s music, a midsummer night's dream, aim, alone time, amusement parks, analyzing lyrics, analyzing poems, babies, baseball games, beds, being an individual, brand new, caedmon's call, candy, cats, cds, chevelle, chingy, chris tomlin, cincinnati, closure, cloudy days, coffee, concerts, controversial topics, d2 mighty ducks, dashboard confessional, degrassi, delirious?, disney movies, disturbed, diversity, dogs, drawing one picture, driving, edgar allen poe, email, emo, emotional things, equality issues, evanescence, fbc, fbc blast, fbc blast youth group, ffh, finding nemo, flashlights, flavored coffee, friends, fuse tv, ghost stories, god, godsmack, gold star chili, good charlotte, helping people, high school football, history, hoodies, horror films, hot topic, ice cream, internet, jeremy camp, key chains, kutless, learning to drive, linkin park, lion king, little nell, long drives, looking at art, lostprophets, malls, mashed potatoes, matt redman, meeting new people, melissa etheridge, meteorology, michael w smith, music videos, my watch, nachos and cheese, natalie portman, new found glory, new rock 973, new york city, phone conversations, photo editing programs, playing with lighters, poetry, politics, praise & worship, prayer, radios, rainbows, relient k, remember the titans, remembering good times, researching anarchism, rich mullins, richard o brien, rock music, rocky horror picture show, rockycast message board, romance stories, romeo and juliet, roses, self-help books, shock treatment, slap bracelets, sleep, sonicflood, space jam, standing up for diversity, stuart townend, student center message board, stuffed dogs, stuffed monkeys, sum 41, sunkist soda, susan surandon, sweet velley high, tatu, teen choir, telltale heart, thinking, tim curry, tim hughes, usher, walks, watching basketball, watching football, webn, where the heart is, william shakespeare, winterfresh gum, worshiping god, writing poems, writing short stories, writing songs, yellow ribbons, yellowcard, youth group, youth group activities